James Marshall

Racer / Software Engineer

Hey Potential Sponsor!
Sponsoring a competitive snowmobile racer is an excellent way to increase your company's exposure. Snowmobiling is growing in popularity and so are the brands that sponsor riders. Let me know how I can help you be successful with my riding career. My current partners include Castle X, EVL Nutrition, GoPro, Skull Candy, Ogio, SpyOptic, and many more...

Sponsor Love


Hillclimb Races

With RMSHA, my sponsors receive shout out up to 8x per event. It's a great opportunity for companies in any industry to be seen by thousands of people!

Social Media

On occasion, I'll post social media content with photos and videos to support my sponsors!

Group Rides

I can help host a snowmobile event by offering a safe and exciting ride. I'll be there at every step, helping with all of our equipment needs so that everything is in order from start-to finish!

Bill Board the SLED

Make my sled look as great as your business. A sled wrap designed by your company. 

Bill Board the Truck

Throw a logo or wrap on my truck so that It can be seen at rides, races, and snowmobile parking lots.

Race Team

Marshall Race Team
(Multiyear Agreement).
The team consist of three racers, Jim, JD, and Jaden. As a team sponsor Logo will be added to the race trailer. If interested, team trailer is available for wrap at expense of sponsor.

My Sponsors

Follow Me

I am a professional snowmobile racer. I have been racing for six years and plan on continuing to race as long as possible. Follow me for highlights pertaining to snowmobiling, sponsor information, race preparations, and the RMSHA circuit.


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